Friday, August 24, 2012

The little brown dog...

On my way to work this morning I came upon a sight,
One that I dread be it day or night.
A dog trotting in the road all by itself,
Looking behind and sideways, maybe scared or seeking help.

I thought about the little brown dog all day today,
I escorted her down a busy, curvy mountain road; you might call her a stray.
She had on a collar but no tags did I see,
No matter what I said she would not come to me.
A nice employee at Stewart's called the sheriff for me,
A nice young officer showed up, a deputy.
A nice woman from a rescue then followed our girl,
Who seemed determined in some way as we watched this unfurl.
The deputy lost her down a hill in tall grass,
He couldn't call animal control and gave him a pass.
She followed the power lines trail as best we could guess,
I wonder where she's going, and I will confess,
That I hope she gets where she's going safe and sound,
And that maybe God will bring her homeward bound.

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