Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gotta Love Those Koreans

How is it that Americans still do not relate the eating of dogs with buying cars that support that culture? Yesterday, I saw one of those H$U$ ribbons that say I Love My Pet...on a Hyundai Santa Fe. That's the second one this week. Do they have no clue or really mean that they LOVE their pets and that they were delicious?!

Is it possible that people who drive Hyundais and KIAs have no clue that they are supporting this barbaric practice by purchasing vehicles whose mother company resides in Seoul, South Korea? Just because they set up a plant here in Alabama doesn't mean the profits aren't going to S. Korea.

I wonder if those Koreans laugh every time they see those ribbons, or anything related to a pet, on one of those cars and think what idiots we are. Who has the last laugh. I guess I could go on about buying Japanese cars and shark finning and The Cove, not to mention Whale Wars. It's all relative.

A group posted on FB - how can we condemn the Koreans for eating dogs since it's just their culture like us eating cows and chickens...oh, really? See my response to that:

Because when you pull a dog's spine out by his tail while he's still alive to get the "benefit" of the dog being at full adrenaline, you've left my planet of sanity and animals RAISED for food, and have become a monster. That's how I condemn those that do this. Dogs, cats, and horses are not domesticated food source animals. It's hypocritical to me, or most likely ignorance, to see H$U$ ribbons that say I Love My Pet stuck to the back of Hyundais and KIAs. Now you see the irony.

The next time someone receives one of those horrible things in the mail from a large organization requesting money to fight to end these barbaric practices, I hope they think about it for a moment and then look out into their driveway and say, "wow, maybe I ought to get rid of that piece of crap and buy American..."

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